Saturday, April 07, 2007

Clarity of Design

A web page that has a clear design makes life simple for visitors and would attract many more visitors to take action than a web page with an obscure design. Emurse is one good examples of a clearly designed web page.

So what makes the above mentioned web page tick? I believe it is the presence of the following elements:
  • The page is not cluttered with a lot of content.
  • Three steps of action are clearly indicated: Creat, Send and Share.
  • Background color of the three actions is distinct and clear.
  • Simple navigation is kept at the bottom with a small font size.
  • The funtion of the site is clearly spelled out: "emurse means resumes, improved."
  • Sign in and sign up forms are clearly shown.

I believe such clear design would lead to many visitors taking action because they can easily grasp the intention of the site and know what action to take. Confusing the user with a complex and obscure design is nothing to be proud of.