Wednesday, December 13, 2006

HTML + CSS Training at Resala

I'm currently delivering a brief mini-course at Resala Masr El Gedida introducing HTML over 4 sessions of 1.5 hours each. That training starts at 10:00 AM every Friday. I've already delivered the first session.

I'll also, God willing, be touching upon CSS so that new comers to web development/web design would make neat web sites from the start without suffering from using the deprecated font tag or struggling with the table tag to define page layout.

This mini-course at Resala is totally free of charge is is being delivered in the small 8-computers lab at the Masr El Gedida branch of Resala.

I really enjoyed delivering the first session a lot. I'm thinking of volunteering to deliver a brief introductory course about Ruby on Rails at Resala also after I finish the current one God willing. A prerequisite for attending such a course would have to be at least some knowledge of web development in either PHP or ASP in addition to awareness of object oriented programming concepts.

You may call Ahmed Momtaz or Islam who are responsible for the computer lab at Resala Masr El Gedida via one of the following phone numbers: 6207801 / 6207802 / 6207803 / 6207804 /6207805 / 6207806. Then ask to be connected to the "Computer Training Center". You can ask Ahmed or Islam about the time the course is starting or about the availability of other free courses delivered by other volunteers.

If you are expert in some IT field and you have a talent in training, perhaps you may like to volunteer and deliver some course at Resala. You may call 19450 using a regular phone line to be routed to the Resala branch nearest to you.

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Adel Khalil said...

Hi i'm not a member of Resala but i love to volunteer i already worked before as Instructor, i'm thinking to deliver some course in pattern, C# and so forth with focus on things that not deliverd on MCSD.

please do contact me via