Monday, December 25, 2006

Trying Microsoft Office 2007

Perhaps I'm now a late adopter when it comes to Microsoft technologies and products, yet I just managed to try my hands with Microsoft Word 2007. I have not yet grasped the big change from the previous version of Microsoft Word except for the neater and sleeker interface. The interface looks and feels really cool. I believe also getting rid of the age-old concept of menus is a relatively big step. After all ever since the days of DOS, we've been used to programs using menus. Till this days almost every desktop program uses menus. So replacing traditional menus with this neat new way is quite cool and kind of a change in long standing concepts. This said, I still would like to say that the new way of getting about your tasks done in Microsoft Office 2007 is similar to a great extent to the old menu system, except that you see icons organized in front of you instead of a pull down menu. So in terms of programming, it's not really that different, yet in terms of usability, I believe it is a far concept from the age old pull-down menu style.

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